The 12th album

<a href="">Sin of Man by Jabon</a>

This is one of the most satisfying projects I’ve completed in a long time. I feel that this is truly a Jabon classic which ranks up there with As Fess from 1987. This tape is a collection of different musical styles and really hits home the left right concept of album production. The left right concept is simply to grab hold of the listener and get their attention, then give them a right hook, then a left hook, then an upper cut, maybe a stick in the eye. Anything to surprise and make the recording a interesting listen. Taking one by surprise and stretching most people musical boundaries is what I strive for. This tape has it. Everything from Gamelan to Metal to Improv to Experimental, it’s a roller coaster ride.

The most satisfying element of this session was writing 12-25-95 on the reel master. When I lived in LA, my friend Marty worked for Hollywood Sound Recorders. They were asking him to come in on Christmas Day. We were wondering who would be insane enough to work on Christmas…it was Rick Rubin doing some work on a new Slayer record. I wondered if I’d ever find myself working on Christmas…I did.

Jabon’s 10th album available for download

<a href="">Billy&#8217;s Dream Shot to Hell by Jabon</a>

This is the tenth Jabon release and therefore the ten year anniversary. This project was somewhat a departure for them in that side one’s first cut is very long and is a sound sculpture which tells a story. This harkens back to the first two cassettes which used less rock styled songs and more sound sculpture. The story goes that Billy finds an ancient drum in the Japanese Martian Garden. He immediately feels a compelling alliance with this drum. This leads to a militaristic interest which is satisfied when he grows older by joining the militia. While in the militia, Billy recognizes a deep rooted disgust for most people on the planet. He is overjoyed when he finds himself in the Airborne division about to let loose untold destruction upon the Island of Lost Souls (ie Los Angeles) The carnage that follows is immense, but Billy does not come out unharmed. In fact his plane goes down and he is near death. He is taken to the hospital but he can not be saved. He dies in the end with a smile on his face. Knowing that he was part of the team of soldiers who successfully put an end to the Island of Lost Souls.

The other pieces on this tape are Jabonesque dance music. Certain dance music hot shot in L.A. have been quoted as saying “This stuff is pretty good…you should send it to Wax Trax”. It is interesting to note that a single DX7 was used on all these cuts and was not sequenced. All parts were played by hand to an initial drum machine track.