Jabon – live at Open Flight Studios 12-05-09

Jabon – live at Open Flight.mp3

HERE/ NOW Installment 3

This was a special evening. 8 dancers/ movement artists are paired with 8 musicians/sound artists. An audience member pulls a name out of the “dancer” hat and another pulls a name out of the “musician”hat and this pair commence to an 8 minute improvisation of the highest order!

This performance for Jabon was very special because it was only 8 minutes long, totally improvised, no costume, no films, no smoke machine, no safety net and, well basically naked as far as that goes.

My paired dancer was Alia Swersky.

Past HERE/NOW participants have included dancers/movement artists Mark Haim, Amelia Reeber, Juliet Waller Pruzan, Michael Rioux, Serge Gubelman, Mônica Mata Gilliam, Amy O’Neal and Marissa Rae Niederhauser and musicians/sound artists Tom Baker, Susie Kozawa, Ivory Smith, Chris Stover, Paris Hurley, noisepoetnobody, Jeffrey Huston and Greg Campbell among many others.