Jabon in the Stranger

Deakin, Jabon, Peppermint Majesty

(Neumos) Deakin (aka Animal Collective’s Deacon, aka Josh Dibb) drops into town on the back of AnCo and Danny Perez’s ODDSAC “visual album” show that’s happening March 30 (see Tuesday). Tonight, Deakin reportedly will perform a grip of Animal Collective material and some of his solo creations. If YouTube footage is anything to go by, this gig should be full of spectral dubgaze songs featuring Deakin’s distant, boyish croon, mantric loops, and shimmering guitar embroidery. Jabon (aka Scott Colburn, who engineered AnCo’s Feels and Strawberry Jam in his local Gravelvoice studio) is one of the few people on the planet who can legitimately call himself “audio wizard.” Colburn has at least 23 sonic personas he can roll out at you (go to justabunchofnoise.com to hear for yourself), and all of them can trip you the fuck out. DAVE SEGAL