Jabon and Stacian


Milwaukee-based Stacian, who’s playing with Acinonyx, was heretofore unknown to me, but quick immersion in Stacian’s Bandcamp proved I’d been living a diminished life without this music. The few tracks I sampled sound like darker takes on early-’80s John Carpenter scores and the Liquid Sky soundtrack—all disjointed beats, diseased synth tones, and queasy, alienated atmospheres. Stella Haze (aka Cristin Miller) uses her voice and electronics to create spectral drones of subtle beauty; for proof, check out “Like the Chinese Paper Bark Maple Anticipates Industry” on her website, www.cristinmiller.com. Aaannnddd… you’ve yet another chance to catch Jabon. Don’t blow it, Poindexter. Rendezvous, 9 pm, $5, 21+.