Jabon with Black Dice and Uncle Pooch

at the Sunset Tavern May 11th, 2012

excellent review

Brooklyn-based Black Dice bring their experimental noise rock to the Sunset Tavern this Friday. Black Dice have made a name for themselves by pushing the envelope with their dissonant electronica-influenced sounds for 15 years. Released this year, the band’s Mr. Impossible LP (Ribbon Music) features their signature blend of scattered electronic beats and thrashing industrial noise. Most of the vocals on the album are delivered with a mechanical effect reminiscent of what you might hear from a schizophrenic robot. This is music that can be energizing and futuristic, or just downright hard to follow. Acknowledged by many as harbingers, Black Dice are known for having paved the way for such acts as Animal Collective and No Age so if noise rock is your thing, this show is a don’t miss. Check out these psychedelic videos for “Pigs” and “Rodriguez”:

Jabon is the project of prolific Seattle musician and Gravelvoice Studios proprietor Scott Colburn. The idea behind Jabon is, as described by Colburn himself, to “present musical ideas, sounds, image and performance that is designed to entertain.” The resultant material is at once experimental, dark, theatrical, and comedic. You kind of have to hear it to understand. Colburn was inspired to make music as Jabon in 1985, after hearing material by Stockhausen and Charles Ives in a music appreciation course. Since then, Colburn has contributed to a number of experimental groups, and, as recently as 2005, worked with such acts as Animal Collective and Arcade Fire as a sound engineer. After focusing on other projects for ten years, Colburn returned to Jabon in 2009 and again began releasing material. Jabon’s 13-track LP Mabon was released on September 23rd, 2011. Fusing elements of psychedelia, industrial, noise, and electronica Mabon, plays like a soundtrack to some futuristic dystopian nightmare.

Performing live, Jabon is all about atmosphere. Decked out in some kind of Grim Reaper meets “V for Vendetta” type getup, Colburn appears solo onstage, with no accompaniment but his gear. As he plays, circular strobe light patterns cast circular shadows around him, creating quite the sight to be seen.

Named after a character from David Lynch’s 1990 film “Wild at Heart,” Seattle’s Uncle Pooch are a thrashing, experimental metal quartet. The group are performing in support of their sophomore album Oneirophrenia (the follow up to 2010’s Conduct Unbecoming), released last month via ICBT Records. The album features frenetic arrangements punctuated by blast beat drumming, heavy riffs, and avant garde solos. Just when you think you have the right rhythm to headbang to, the tempo changes and the music takes off in a different direction. Check out this clip of the group performing at last year’s ICBT SXSW showcase to see what you’re in for: